Hello, I’m Rebekah Siame – Social Media Engagement Strategist, Problem Solver, Big Thinker, Relationship Builder, & Data Junkie!

My clients care about what I can do for them, not how many staff I have, awards I've won, or how addicted to coffee I am. My mission, is simply to provide to my clients; value, results, and innovative solutions, one problem at a time. Let’s start with how I can use my full stack marketing skills to uniquely solve your business problem and leave the creative ‘wank’ (pardon my expression) to the rest. Don’t settle for hoping that your campaigns are working. Understand the real data and know for sure.
So, what headaches can I make go away for you today?


My Arsenal Of Services.

Social Media Monitoring

Mainly a customer service and crisis management, social media monitoring allows businesses to be alerted and respond quickly to issues that arise.


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Measurement and Reporting

Benchmark and set KPIs, compare to competitors and past campaigns, and share findings with internal and external stakeholders.

Attribution Strategy

Pairs web data with social media data to help businesses understand how their social activities, including dark social

Social Listening and Intelligence

Tracking conversation volume, sentiment, demographics, and focus to identify market opportunities and gauge customer interest.

Engagement Engineer

Analysis and optimization systems allow businesses to gain insight from conversation, competitor, and audience analysis, as well as brand engagement, interaction, and sentiment data, in order to develop smarter and stronger programs.

“Social analytics” is how you measure what’s happening across social media so that you can prove value and improve results.

Results That Speak For Themselves

Increased Conversion by 1000%

Achieved Facebook ad click through rate of 7.88% & Increased the onpage conversion rate of a free trial membership, from 5% to 50%, for the launch of an Online Fashion Styling & Recommendations Tool.


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1666% Facebook Growth

Increased brand new Facebook page from just 300 followers to over 5000 highly targeted and engaged followers, in just six weeks, using facebook advertising and social media engagement techniques.

Ready To Give Up?

DON'T!!! These results ARE achievable and I can do them for your business too.

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1 million social reach in 10 days

Attracted loads of media coverage on, radio, print & online, established key strategic partnerships & achieved a social reach of over 1 million in just 10 days for launch of a social media story amplifying tool.

Heard it all before?

I have proof that I am ready to show on request! No BS here just results! They can be YOUR results also... just ask!

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Average 47% Email Open Rate

Built a fashion startups Facebook page to 3.5k of highly targeted and engaged followers & It's emailing list to over 2000 subscribers with a 47% open rate and an average click through rate of 17%.

Not Quite Convinced Yet?

I can do all this and more for your business. There's a limit as to what i can include in such a small space so let's chat!

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What They Say About Me

Rebekah is honest, enthusiastic and provided a lot of practical information. She is very generous in the detail she shares about her experiences, successes in social media and storytelling. She set our weekend off on the right note and was an entertaining speaker.
Fiona Summerfield
Writer and Event Organiser
Rebekah Siame was an integral part of our IT and marketing team. Her dedication to the company and her ability to step-up and do whatever it takes to accomplish a job has always been one of her most valued and valuable talents. From creating websites to researching new tools and technologies and implementing them, to marketing Becky’s skill set and drive is unrivaled.
Ann Reinten
Director / Image Innovators
Thank you SOOO much for your help and assistance, getting us set up with our Business Facebook page, and showing us how to expand our business with advertising. Giving us lots of tips and tools to use. It's so much like a foreign language and you put things in simple language for me to understand. You are amazing!! If anyone needs help in any of the above, then partner up with Siame Social  🙂
Karen McPhee
Director / Alpine Test & Tag LTD
As an editor, I've worked with clients all over the world. In fact, Rebekah knows more than anyone I've met when it comes to these content marketing matters. She will help you make your story stand out from the masses.
Victoria Keffer
Becky’s effervescent nature and honesty in her storytelling is very contagious. She inspires confidence to use your medium of choice to build your own social media masterpiece. She’s done the homework, walked the walk, is a perfect teacher to lead you on your own journey.
Raewyn Shand
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